Daniel Hanley of Open Markets Institute writes about how a recent Supreme Court decision has starkly narrowed the FTC’s power to easily return stolen funds to consumers.

The Supreme Court on April 22 released a unanimous opinion that completely gutted an essential power of the Federal Trade Commission to return money stolen from consumers by fraudulent corporations. It is now up to Congress to fix the damage the Supreme Court has caused so the agency can continue to return billions of dollars back to vulnerable consumers.

The FTC is a crucial agency of the federal government. It has a broad…

This story was originally published in The Corner newsletter.

Last week, the French luxury conglomerate LVMH backed out of a $16 billion agreement to buy the Tiffany chain of jewelry stores. But the collapse of that one deal is less a sign of the times than an exception to the current rule, which has seen ever more retail brands brought under the control of a few giant holding companies.

Indeed, another deal last week is a more accurate example of how concentrated physical retail has become in the United States. This was the purchase by mall operators Simon Property Group…

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